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Your industrial project is too important to waste time looking for parts and materials.

Deufol's Onsite Insight program gives you increased efficiency, transparency, and quality assurance on your industrial project.


You have a major industrial project underway, and it's a complex operation. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of workers onsite. Some of them are your employees, others are outside contractors. You have parts and materials arriving daily from hundreds of different vendors.

You're on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget, so you can't afford delays. You need the parts and materials to arrive at the correct workstation on time and in good condition.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. The crew receiving materials may not know which items go to which work teams. Your crew onsite may not know enough about the parts to check for quality. As a result, defects may go unnoticed, leading to your own quality issues or even a delay while you wait for new materials.

Even worse, you may not have the transparency you need into your supply chain. You don't know if materials have reached the worksite or where they went after they were received. It's impossible to manage a complex project if you don't have full transparency into the entire operation.

Deufol's Onsite Insight program helps you tackle all of these challenges. We put our team onsite at your industrial project. We then manage the flow of materials and supplies into the worksite and distribute them as needed to the appropriate destinations.

With Onsite Insight, you get:

  • Quality assurance. Our team inspects your parts and materials as they come in the door. That means we catch defects early and we take quick action to resolve the issue. We can even work directly with your vendors to address quality concerns.
  • Increased efficiency. Your onsite team may include machinists, construction workers, engineers, and more. Their time is valuable, and it should be spent doing what they do best. With Onsite Insight, they don't have to dig through crates or track down parts. We handle the supply flow and they handle the job you hired them to do.
  • Transparency. Onsite Insight gives you the ability to leverage Deufol's cutting edge technology to monitor your supply chain through your facility at all times. We scan your parts and materials as they enter the jobsite and as they move through different stations. Those scans integrate seamlessly with your software so you can get all the data you need with just a few clicks.
  • Cost savings. What's the cost of a delay while you're waiting on a replacement for a defective part? What's the cost of having highly-paid machinists and construction workers wander around a site looking for parts instead of doing their primary job? What's the cost of all the time you and your team spend making calls looking for lost materials? Eliminate those costs with Onsite Insight.

Ready to implement Onsite Insight into your industrial project? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our supply chain consultants. We welcome the opportunity to help you complete your project on time and under budget.

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Deufol's Onsite Insight program gives you increased efficiency, transparency, and quality assurance on your industrial project.